With and Alone

Collected Thoughts

I present one idea each day limited to five lines. I often speak of beauty and love.

Read from one to another, from back to front, or flip a page open and read whatever thought you find.

I ponder on those things that are important to me, that are personal, that inspire me, and on art, music, and with poetry. I do not embed images or media as my primary purpose here is to express my ideas using language. My thoughts often evolve as I return and try to improve them.

I present this publication in two parts. The first Think This Today is a reverse journal that first appeared on the website of the same name where a single thought is presented for each day over a three year period. Reversing the order encourages me to think of time, my place, and action within it.

The second part and title of this publication With and Alone is a thematic presentation of the same thoughts that allow the reader to quickly locate and consider related ideas.

The way I read, the context I read, changes how I read and come to understand.

This work is free. You may save and distribute it, however this publication in part or whole may not be used for commercial gain.

I hope you find something of value.


With and Alone

When I make something I ask myself whether it is valuable enough to be offered for free. If it is not, I continue my work.

Although there are very many people who can afford to pay for books, one in five of the world's population lives in poverty. As ever, those with always gain more than those without. If a thought has value, then it is worth sharing equally to those with and without.

Whether I offer my words for sale, or give them freely plays no part in their value.

With and ALone


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Small, as moment of my breath against the day, as single line on finger print this moment into mind. Stay, this while when you are hear within, as shallow soft and gentle beat of wing...