Skies of Precious Light

I often wonder whether it is the intensity of my feelings that carry me closer to the beauty and power of our skies. Their ever changing forms require my complete involvement for an image of any value to emerge.

Skies of Precious Light - Detail
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    My Love of Sky and Cloud

  • There is no thought of food or shelter, no thirst, no commerce, war or woe, there is only the sky and my effort to hold and share some fleeting natural marvel that will never grace this world again. The gradation of tone, their richness and variety, the blush of sunlight through the mist of moisture. Perhaps it is the nature of these irreplaceable moments, their unique grace, that requires I treasure a cloud's light. Whether beneath us, in the midst, or above, clouds are not only to journey with, but also represent the unrestrained freedom of our natural world, a freedom we often fail to achieve as we scurry about with small ambition far below.
  • It is as if the tails of comets rush towards the earth, Fast Falling Cloud: dynamic, strong, ephemeral...

Bright Billowing & Blue

  • The mouth of cloud breathes in the sun's light on a late summer afternoon...


The Cloud's Breath


  • I rushed towards my favoured place for sweeping skies to watch the wash of evening sun spread across the underside of slowly moving golden cloud. What you see below is but the shadow of the sight I wished to share...


Mid-Summer Sundown


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