Sea and Light

I recently visited Sidmouth, a small coastal town nestled between Jurassic cliffs on the south west coast of England.

Heat and Light - Detail
  • Landscape Photography...

    Sea and Sky

  • The first of three photos shows the progress of Rain, Cloud and Sea moving gently along the far reach of the horizon. A gull glides over the quietly breaking waves.
  • The picture barely touches on the incredible beauty of the scene as I experienced it - the hypnotic sound of countless pebbles rolling and rushing against one another, the touch of salt mist, the slow unfolding of time as rain moved to the west, and the great blue above, unwrapping itself upon the ever swaying surface of water below.

    Far, Far Away

  • The Birth of Rain

  • This photograph was taken around thirty minutes after the photograph above, and by this time the clouds had developed into some great bird of the sky that gave birth to the rain that fell as thin threads from it's belly...

The Birth of Rain

  • All At Sea

  • Later, two ships meet All at Sea as if to talk about their shared experience of being in the midst of this force of nature...


All at Sea


  • I enjoy photography becuase of its stillness, its beauty. I linger on these photos and travel to scenes otherwise so easily forgotten. Like words, photography frees the imagination to roam worlds far adrift in time and place.
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