Pulau Ujong Singapore

I visited Singapore frequently during my time as creative director for the software company I founded.

Far Far Away - Detail
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    The Dominion of Man

  • The Malay people living in the Riau Islands of Indonesia known as the Orang Laut originally named the southern tip of the equatorial Malay Peninsula "Pulau Ujong" - the world now knows this place as Singapore. Witness man's footprints pressing heavily on this landscape.
  • The islands of Singapore do not have the natural resources to sustain the five and a half million souls who live there - every essential requirement for life is imported. A constant stream of shipping containers arrive and depart every day of the year in what has become one of the busiest ports in the world. Commerce is central to the life and identity of this place...

Shipping Dock

  • Walls of Glass

  • The heavily urbanized skyline dominates almost every viewpoint and asserts the city-states' economic ambition. In many places human scale becomes difficult to fathom...


Blue Veined Tower


  • The Hard Sell

    Cathedrals dedicated to retail shopping with their vaulted ceilings of metal and glass can be found every few miles. The scale and form of these places impress the eye, yet deprive the spirit...

    Marina Bay

  • Marina Bay

    The Gardens by Marina Bay were designed by Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter and cost over a billion Singapore dollars. Giant tree-like structures dominate the otherworldly regimented landscapes that are kept under control by an army of staff and technological tools. The gardens are an expression of the dominance of man's impact and control of the environment from disorderly tropical jungle to an array of easily absorbed micro-managed habitats - the natural world, bleached, tamed, submissive...

    The Gardens by Marina Bay

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