Heart and Light

Heart and Light shown below is available to download here on 14th February each year.

Heart and Light - Detail
  • Abstract Art

    The Touch of Light

  • A series of works created for those I love follow, beginning with Heart and Light...

    Heart and Light

  • Hearts Adrift

  • Some choose to celebrate February 14th as a moment to express their love. . .

Hearts Adrift

  • The Temptation of Light

  • At times we may need encouragement and the cover of a social occasion to proclaim our feelings. We may need a push before we think of others. On reflection, and despite the commercial exploitation of Valentine's Day, I think a single day when the attention of so many is focussed on their expression of love is invaluable.


The Temptation of Light


  • We may be in a private or public place. We may be in love, have loved, or wish for love. It may be that others have shown us love. Whatever our personal circumstance I have come to view Valentine's Day not just as the hope for romance, but also as a window of opportunity, a speck of time in which we can choose to declare our feelings and thanks to those who are important to us. . .
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