Far Far Away

I enjoy loosing myself when pondering on the cosmos. My imagination runs free as I imagine forms yet unseen and play with ideas without the limitations of convention or knowledge...

Far Far Away - Detail
  • Space...

    The Home of Our Future

  • Far, Far Away is an abstract work that encourages me to consider the beauty and isolation of space. Muted colours merge, arcs and gaseous rings reach out into the darkness. There is something of order and freedom in this galaxy of light....

Far, Far Away

  • Heartbeat

  • Within the centre of this fiery sphere, the heart beats. I could be gazing at the immense power of the sun, or equally, the womb where a life sparks into being...




  • Three Billion Years

    Three seconds pass,
    At rest: our human breath from ebb and flow,
    In this we sense what time could be.

    Three minutes trip,
    From soft of bread to crisp of toast,
    Our time begins its mystery.

    Three hours pass,
    An ample span for knowing strangers new,
    Too much to be in sadness save for fostered friendship fettered few.

    Three days are long,
    Enough to be in love forever bound,
    For loss to turn a world from bright to dark,
    From peaceful place to battleground.

    Three years change lives from rich to poor,
    Thirty more now mother from the child of long before,
    Three hundred years: our family lines grow faint,
    Three thousand and the peoples of a place rise strong then fall,
    Three million as our ancestor first walked this earth upright,
    Three billion as the start of all,
    The soup of our primordial life.

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