Freeware: SyncBackFree, OnClick Utilities, InfoHesiveEP

The freeware featured here works with Windows, and can be downloaded and used for personal, charity and commercial use.



In 2001 I began developing the website AbleStable which sought to encourage and support creativity. The site hosted over 500 creative resources including freeware, and in October 2003 I discovered SyncBack, a free Windows backup and synchronization program.

I began working with the programmer to improve the program interface, develop a help file and created a website. Within six months SyncBack was to enjoy over half a million downloads. SyncBack quickly found itself among the most popular software utilities on the planet and went on to win numerous awards.

The commercial version SyncBackSE (special edition) was released in 2004, and the world class SyncBackPro was launched in 2008.

Company History

I co-founded the software company 2BrightSparks along with Michael J. Leaver, the company's technical director and lead programmer. My role was varied including company director, staff and large account management, graphic development, editorial, customer communications, website design and web store development and integration.

2BrightSparks software is now used by millions of people world-wide every day.


2BrightSparks went on to develop several other freeware programs including InfoHesiveEP, and the ever popular EncryptOnClick.

Software License

SyncBackFree, OnClick Utilities, and InfoHesiveEP work on Windows and are free for personal, educational, charity, government, and commercial use.

• No Spyware, Trojans, Viruses, or Advertisements

• No Nag Screens

• No Registrations

• No Payments

• No Collection of Demographic Information

• No Unauthorised Internet Connections

My Move to Art, Literature and Music

During my time as creative director of 2BrightSparks I balanced my commercial and artistic efforts.


I retired from 2BrightSparks in September 2015 to dedicate myself to the creation of art, music and literature.

SyncBackFree V10

Windows Backup Software



SyncBackFree allows Windows users to easily backup and synchronize files to: the same drive; a different drive; a Network; or a Zip archive. Supports ransomware detection.

• Backup

• Synchronize

• Restore

• Profile creation wizard

• Restore wizard

• Unicode enabled for multi-language filename support

• Unlimited filename lengths

• Run from external media, e.g. USB key

• Extensive and Comprehensive Help File

The first version "SyncBack" Freeware was downloaded over half a million times within the first six months of its launch in 2003. The latest version of the program is available in eighteen languages and continues to be used by millions of users daily. Download SyncBackFree


Download SyncBackFree

OnClick Utilities

Windows Free Utility Software

OnClick Utilities


OnClick Utilities is a powerful suite of easy to use software utilities for Windows.

• DeleteOnClick: securely deletes data.

• EncryptOnClick: secures files out of sight.

• FindOnClick: lightning fast file searches.

• HashOnClick: verifies files as identical.

• PatchOnClick: easily updates large files.

• ScrambleOnClick: encrypts and decrypts text.

• UndeleteOnClick: recovers files after deleting.

• Extensive and Comprehensive Help File


The latest version of OnClick Utilities is used by countless businesses and individuals daily. Download OnClick Utilities | Download the OnClick Utilities Help File


Download OnClick Utilities


InfoHesiveEP followed on from my desire to provide an affordable means for people to publish their creative work.



Work on the program began in 2007 as a tool that gives the user a single context to build and manage a creative project, hence the name Info (information) Hesive (from adhesive). It went on to be developed as an ePublisher (which forms the later part of the program name: "EP").

I worked alongside Titus Paul and by 2009 we released this incredibly feature rich Windows program as freeware.

ePublishing for Everyone

InfoHesiveEP is a Windows digital content conversion program and ePublisher for individuals, authors, publishers, educational institutions, and commercial businesses. InfoHesiveEP allows you to easily produce ePublications with its integrated editor, and is also the perfect solution to repurpose your existing content for publication via email or online.

InfoHesiveEP also provides powerful features that let you organize, retrieve, and share your information during the drafting process. InfoHesiveEP even lets you build trial versions and generate serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy and illegal copying.

• Easily create professional level eBooks, Help Files, ePublications, and PDFs with the feature-rich editor.

• Import and Export to a wide range of formats including CHM, HTML, and ePub.

• Build trial versions & generate serial numbers so your ePublications are protected from piracy & illegal copying.

• Superb Outliner functions, and automated creation of Contents and Index pages.

• Repurpose existing content for your audience.

• Build Windows eBooks that require no software to run.

• Produce high quality Windows Help Files and support documentation for your products and services.

• Open Windows Help Files, or import & annotate.

• Import PDF, Rich Text, HTML, CHM, & TXT.

• Output to PDF, HTML, CHM, ePub to ensure your publication is delivered to Windows, Apple (iMac, iPhone, iPad etc.), Kindle, Sony Reader, Android & Mobile Devices.

Download InfoHesiveEP


Although InfoHesiveEP works on all versions of Windows from XP SP3 to Windows 10, the installer may report the author as 'unknown' as the certification procedures for Windows installers have changed since the program was last updated.


Download InfoHesiveEP