Fictional Cities

I have visited many cities but never lived in one for any length of time. I am drawn to their energy, their opportunities, their music, their words.

Fictional Cities - Detail
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    Above this land we raise our home

  • I relish the bustle of countless people, the faces I see only once, the chaotic sounds that ripple fast along the streets that shout aloud.
  • I have been fortunate to experience London, Paris, New York, Rome, Madrid, Singapore, and many other cities around the world, and in every one I find the same energy, urban swagger and diversity.

  • The Shape of Things to Come

  • This fictional city landscape was chosen by Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones and Hayward Touring curator Gilly Fox to be among the best artwork submitted by readers which was exhibited in London during 2015...

The Shape of Things to Come

  • Future Far and Future Near

  • The only sign of people in these pictures are the buildings that have been created. It is as if we gaze on a world first made, then long deserted...


Future Far and Future Near


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